Events for SobiPro

Events for SobiPro is the perfect package that allows you to build an events directory (agenda) with SobiPro, in the most complete way possible. Define one-time or recurring events  in an very intuitive and convenient way. Then associate if you want time schedules, and why not closing dates or special opening dates and times.

This extension contains Opening Hours for SobiPro version 2 and a brand new module to display featured events expected from today (and for x days) or for this week, this month or this year.

The SobiPro extended Search function allows visitors to search for events in more detail, over a period or at a specific date and time.

Version: 1.0   Last Update: 23/02/2015   Joomla: Joomla! 2 5Joomla! 3 x   SobiPro: 1.1   Demo:

Opening Hours for SobiPro

Opening Hours is a field application for SobiPro. It allows you to display opening dates and hours for businesses and events registered in SobiPro, seasonal opening hours, closing dates, extra opening dates, and an 'open' or 'closed' board indicating the next opening or closing time.

By adding a new field to your SobiPro entry form, the application allows the owner or administrator of a Sobipro entry to enter opening dates and hours in a very convenient and quick way.

And last but not least, Opening Hours applications allows to search for entries that are opened 'Now', 'Today', 'December 24', 'Sunday evening',...


Version: 2.0   Last Update: 23/02/2015   Joomla: Joomla! 2 5Joomla! 3 x   SobiPro: 1.0 & 1.1   Demo:

Visit us! with Google maps

Visit us! is a module that displays a styled Google Map to locate your business (store, office, restaurant, the nearest parkings,...): the visitor is geolocated and directions are proposed. Distance and travel time are displayed, as the travel steps. Even better, the visitor on the way to your business can refresh manually or automatically it's location (and the directions) so never to be lost.

Also add that, with the Visit us! business locator, you display contact informations and opening hours for each marker! The Opening Hours display feature is very rich: set and display opening hours for each marker but also annual closing dates, extra opening dates (with specific opening hours) and an open/closed board that indicates if the business is now open (until when) or closed (until when).

On a mobile, location and directions on the map can be refreshed after every visitor's move! Visitor can also launch its favorite turn-by-turn GPS navigation application.

To be released very soon : Visit us! supports now SobiPro! See our demo on the Events for SobiPro demo page.


Version: 2.5   Last Update: 26/02/2015   JoomlaJoomla! 2 5Joomla! 3 x   Demo:

MapBox for Joomla!

This module (a plugin will be released very soon) allows you to quickly and easily display beautiful styled maps, tailored to the style of your Joomla! website.

Do you know MapBox* ? This platform is build on the famous Leaflet library, an Open-Source JavaScript Library for Mobile-Friendly Interactive Maps that has all the features needed for online maps and that works efficiently across all major desktop and mobile platforms.

Styled maps with Leaflet & MapBox is very easy to use. Just create your free account on and start to create your map: choose the map type, set your customized colors, define your markers on the map, grab your ID and you are now ready to integrate your new styled map in your Joomla website!

Version: 1.0.4   Last Update: 02/04/2015   Joomla: Joomla! 2 5Joomla! 3 x   Demo:

Flexible Header with Twitter Bootstrap

This module allows you to add in a few clicks a responsive header into your website. Not only a responsive menu, but a full header that includes a logo and its baseline too.
Via the administration panel it's so easy to customize it: you can choose to place the menu on the top or at the bottom, to the left or right of the header, menu and header can both be vertically or horizontally aligned. That's as you want!
All CSS needed to handle this is managed by the module: you do not need to struggle with inline-blocks and vertical alignments!

And of course, with Twitter Bootstrap, the responsive menu collpases when needed for an optimized display on smaller devices.


Version: 1.2 Last Update: 21/01/2015   Joomla: Joomla! 3 x